Answers to frequently asked questions you may have regarding our COVID-19 procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wear a mask in your office?

Yes. We request that you bring and wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, you may purchase one from our office. You must also pass our COVID screening and use hand sanitizer before entering our office.

Do I need an appointment to shop for glasses? Drop off repairs? Pick up my order? Get my glasses adjusted?

Yes. We try to accommodate same day requests as much as possible however, if you call us at 519-471-3500 before you arrive it is less likely you will have to wait outside.

How can you minimize the extended close contact time during the:

    Eye exam?

    To minimize close contact during the eye exam, we are recommending an OCT image or retinal photograph be taken. This allows the doctor to get a detailed view of the back of the eye without having to come too close.

    Glasses fitting?

    We have invested in brand new technology that takes precise frame measurements with a tablet based measuring device which allows us to keep >1m physical distance while fitting your glasses.

How do I make an appointment for an eye exam?

Please call us at 519-471-3500 or email us at to book an appointment. Priority will be based on clinical need.

Do you still offer tele-optometry appointments?

Yes. If you do not feel comfortable coming into our office, in many cases our doctors can see you via telemedicine from your own home. We recommend tele-optometry visits instead of in-person visits for certain conditions such as red eyes.

Can I bring my friend/ spouse/ family member with me?

Yes, but only if you require physical assistance, an interpreter, or are a minor under 18 years old. If not, please come to your appointment alone.

Do you have senior hours?

No. Instead we are allowing patients to come in by appointment only. This allows us to limit the number of patients in our office and properly disinfect our equipment.

Do you accept walk-in appointments?

Sometimes. We try to accommodate same day requests as much as possible however patients who book in advance get priority. The most desirable time slots (evenings and weekends) always book up quickly!

Do you have public bathroom accessibility?

Yes, but it is limited to urgent use only in order to protect our staff and other patients.

Do you still offer curb-side pickup?

Yes. Please call us in advance and we can bring your purchase to your car or to the door so you donít have to come in. We also have a wireless, contactless payment system if you need to make payment from the door.

What safety measures are you taking to protect your employees and customers?

Please refer to our new COVID office procedures document.

If you have a question that isnít answered here, please give us a call at 519-471-3500!