Some of the leading research in the area of macular degeneration (AMD) are finding that Macuhealth is one of the most promising advances in the area of early prevention. It is best taken when there is only mild to moderate AMD, and may not work as well for the advanced forms. It is our best bet for prevention.

The main ingredient of Macuhealth is meso-zeaxanthin which is an isomer of lutein, combined with lutein and zeaxanthin in very specific ratios for maximum absorption. Several studies by Bone and Landrum, Tolention, Nolan, Beatty and others tell us that:

It turns out that meso-zeaxanthin (MZ) is at the centre of the normal healthy macula, not lutein like was previously believed.

Our bodies normally turn lutein into MZ and send it straight to the macula, but in AMD that conversion process is not functioning appropriately.

There is a decrease in MZ in the macular pigment with age, and in smokers, and also in people with AMD.

MZ does not come readily from the diet so it is not regularly consumed, and should be taken as a supplement. Supplementing with Macuhealth can replenish the MZ levels in the macula.

There is fairly strong evidence from different sources that formulas based on the AREDS studies should not be taken until further notice. There are problems with the Beta-carotene, the zinc and the vitamin E. The AREDS study has recommendations that cannot be supported. The study has serious flaws in it. For example, note that AREDS formulas contain Zinc and Awh et al.'s ground breaking study convincingly demonstrates that patients with certain genes for AMD do far worse taking zinc than taking antioxidants alone or a placebo.

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We are very happy to announce that we are now carrying NutraSea brand Omega 3 Fish oil capsules from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. They are very high quality in that:

    They have done a good job of getting all the toxins out.

    They guarantee that the dose that they claim to provide is what is actually in the capsules.
    The oil is manufactured in a triglyceride form, which means your body will easily absorb it.
    It is so clean that there is barely a fish smell to them, and certainly no aftertaste.
    They are Canadian, from Dartmouth.
    For this very high quality, they are inexpensive. From our office, the cost can be $20 per month.